Dusk Wiki
Health 400
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
Attack type Projectile
First appearance E2M1

The Welder is an enemy encountered in The Facilities. They make their first appearance in E2M1: The Grainary and can be found throughout the game onwards.


Welders appear to be large men wearing welder's masks, long work gloves, leather aprons stained in blood, grey chest armor, and a similar armor for their legs and feet. Each welder brandishes a flamethrower resembling the Riveter.

Tactical Analysis[]

When a player is spotted, Welders will ignite their flamethrowers and begin to move towards the player. Welders' footsteps have a distinct noise that can be used to detect hidden ones. Their primary attack consists of rapidly firing a barrage of fireballs from their flamethrower. These projectiles are colored slightly differently from Cultist fireballs and travel at a faster rate. Welders can be especially dangerous in closed areas where there is not much room to dodge. Upon death, Welders will burst into flames for a brief moment, then explode.

Since Welders have health pool of 400hp, continuous Assault Rifle fire or a single Hunting Rifle shot is enough to bring one down. Additionally, the Sword can be used to deflect most stray projectiles back at the Welder. The Welder's explode-on-death trait can be useful for clearing out smaller enemies that patrol with it, such as Possessed Soldiers, or other Welders.