Level 1 • Whispers of the Chamber You can detect others within an enclosed area of about the size of a large apartment. You may detect others who you could not ordinarily see, even those out of sight, hidden in darkness, or Obfuscated.Within your area, you may attempt to see any character with a Mental Challenge [Stealth].

Level 2 • Skin of the Chameleon You can now cause your skin to take on the texture and color of its surroundings, providing you with excellent concealment so long as you do not move quickly.You may Obfuscate with an equivalent of level two of that Discipline. You may move while hidden in this fashion, but no faster than a slow walk.

Level 3 • Voices of the Castle This power resembles Whispers of the Chamber, but has now advanced to such an extent that you may search out hidden characters with an entire building or physical structure.With your building, you may attempt to see any character with a Mental Challenge [Stealth].

Level 4 • Bond with Terra Similar to the Protean power Earth Meld, this power also allows you to melt into stone, brick or asphalt. However, this power does not allow you to actually sink deep into the protective surroundings. Instead, you seep just below the surface, and a faint outline of your form can be seen above where you rest.You may meld into stone or earth at a cost of one Blood Trait. You may not meld into stone through some other substance.

Level 5 • Stone Strength Your flesh has hardened to the strength of granite, and you no longer feel pain nearly as strongly as even most Kindred.Each evening, you may ignore two levels of damage of your choice. You must choose whether or not to ignore a particular level at the moment when you receive it. These levels may not resist damage caused by sunlight.