Dusk Wiki
Health 300
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
Attack type Projectile
First appearance E2M3

Turrets are enemies encountered in The Facilities. They make their first major appearance in E2M3: Into The Thresher and appear in several levels that follow.


Turrets appear as stationary defensive sentries with a green tracking light on the front. They appear to use the same ammo as the Possessed Soldiers' assault rifles. When destroyed, Turrets' bases will remain in the spot where it was planted.

Tactical Analysis[]

When spotting a player, Turrets will beep and begin to turn towards them. While low-spec mode is off, Turrets can be seen with a green light from a distance. Turrets act as more of an environmental hazard than an enemy, as they are rooted in place. Typically, Turrets are fairly inaccurate over long ranges (such as those found outside in E2M3), but will continually fire high-velocity bursts at the player. Due to the Turret's low health of 300hp, continuous fire from the Assault Rifle or Shotguns can be enough to take one down. At long ranges, using the Hunting Rifle to eliminate Turrets is ideal, as one shot will destroy it.




  • Originally Turrets appeared in greater amounts, and in levels where they no longer appear in. Interesting enough, they were even added in E1M9: Ghost Town in the first public Episode 2 Early Access build, but were cut during the episode 1 & episode 2 rework update.