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The Nameless City is the third episode of DUSK.


Dusk Dude goes into the titular Nameless City to follow the Cult Leader's path.

E3M1: The Iron Cathedral[]

A cathedral of iron stands in the front of the portal's path.


Things: Enemies: Mage 73 Possesed Rat 1 Priestess 10 Wendigo 2 Duke Mage 7 Cart Dog 1

E3M2: Fire and Ice[]

An underground complex reaching to the surface of a long since dilapidated Cathedral that sheds the tears of the past.


Things: Enemies: Mage 65 Priest 7 Wendigo 1 Duke Mage 4 Cart Dog 1 Bone Monk 16

E3M3: City of Shadows[]

A flooding underground city featuring a well hosting Chomper.


Things: Enemies: Mage 26 Possesed Rat 1 Priest 7 Wendigo 1 Duke Mage 3 Cart Dog 1 Bone Monk 11 Chomper's Son 6 Chomper 1

E3M4: Crypt Of The Flesh[]

An underground complex of flesh and the dead housing horrors.


Things: Enemies: Mage 18 Possesed Rat 4 Priest 4 Wendigo 1 Cart Dog 2 Bone Monk 5 Horror 7 Bone Ball 2

E3MS: The Ratacombs[]

The lair of the rats...


Things: Enemies: Possesed Rat 137 One As Many 1

E3M5: Blasphemy[]

A cathedral stands atop a floating island. What lurks below can only be unearthed through a raging tornado. Or soap.


Things: Enemies: Mage 61 Priest 15 Wendigo 5 Duke Mage 5 Cart Dog 7 Bone Monk 19 Horror 2 Bone Ball 2

E3M6: Brimstone Ghetto[]

The return to one of the Military's industrial complex in an unknown location.


Things: Enemies: Leatherneck 4 Mage 11 Black Philip 7 Possesed Rat 1 Possesed Scarecrow 3 Possesed Soldier 22 Fork Maiden 4 Welder 6 Duke Mage 5 Priest 2 Bone Monk 1 Horror 6

E3M7: Homecoming[]

Duskdude comes back to what appears to be his home, corrupted and otherworldly.


Things: Enemies: Bone Monk 12 Bone Ball 10

E3M8: As Above, So Below[]

Duskdude must travel through space and time through his corrupted memories to complete the cycle, and prove he's worthy.


Things: Enemies: Leatherneck 6 Mage 23 Black Philip 8 Possesed Scarecrow 1 Possesed Soldier 17 Fork Maiden 2 Scientist 7 Welder 4 Wendigo 3 Turret 4 Duke Mage 1 Cowgirl 5 Priest 5 Bone Monk 7 Cart Dog 2 Horror 7 Bone Ball 1 Littleneck 1

E3M9: The Dweller in Darkness[]

The trial to prove Duskdude is worthy.


Things: Enemies: Leatherneck ? Mage ? Black Philip ? Possesed Rat ? Possesed Scarecrow ? Possesed Soldier ? Fork Maiden ? Scientist ? Welder ? Wendigo ? Duke Mage ? Cowgirl ? Priest ? Bone Monk ? Cart Dog ? Horror ? Bone Ball ?

E3M10: DUSK[]

The final confrontation with the cult and its leader, Jakob, as well as the revelation of a greater evil.


Things: Enemies: Mage 6 Jakob 1 Nyarlathotep 1


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  • The Nameless City is based on the the titular underground ruined city of the same name by H.P. Lovecraft.
  • The Ratacombs are based on a port of a map from Planescape: Torment(1999).[1]