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The Military is an enemy faction in DUSK. They are the main antagonist faction of The Facilities.


The Military appears to be the remains of either the United States Military or a private military corporation. Lore suggests that they were tasked with investigating the strange events below the town of DUSK through extensive mining. Thus, the military built extensive facilities on the outskirts of DUSK in order to better find what was buried below the town. However, the power of what lay beneath the town overpowered most of them, corrupting them. Some members of the military are possibly attempting to resist possession, such as Big John.

Members of the Military faction still retain some of their former tactics, as is demonstrated by the chatter of the Possessed Soldiers. They feature upgraded and augmented units, most of which are technological fusions with human flesh. Their research into these stronger units seems to be backed by teams of Scientists, whose research experiments involve testing on the Demons. In certain levels such as E2M5: The Escher Labs, enemies such as the Wendigo can be seen in biological storage tanks. The Scientists possibly experimented with different monsters in order to create their own breed of units to assist in the mining projects and for defense.


Soldiers in front of the granary.

Enemies Part of the Military[]