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The Duke Brothers
The Duke Brothers
Health 5000 (x2)
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
Attack type Homing projectile
Level E1M7

The Duke Brothers are bosses encountered in The Foothills. They make their appearance at the end of E1M7: Dead Of The Night. Both Duke Brothers appear as giant recolored Mages with deeper voices.


Upon clearing the last room of the level, a teleporter at the end will be accessible with graffiti labeling it the "Sanctum of the Worthy". Entering the teleporter puts the player in a small arena with two large coffins in the center. Once the player has moved a short distance, the coffins will break open, revealing the Duke Brothers.

Tactical Analysis[]

The Duke Brothers together possess a total of 10000 health, each having 5000 health. Their primary attack consists of firing a single homing fireball every few seconds. Like most bosses, weapons that deal a high amount of damage like the Mortar and Riveter are ideal for fighting the Duke Brothers. Additionally, the Sword or Sickles can be used to deflect their homing projectiles back at them. A good strategy for fighting the Brothers is to focus on one at a time, thus minimizing the risk of being hit by their fireballs. Utilizing the pillar in the middle of the boss arena as cover can also cancel the Duke Brothers' fireball attacks if timed correctly.


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  • Their name, the way they are introduced and the fight in general, are a reference to the first boss encounter in id Software's 1993 game Doom. In that game's E1M8, two hard hitting, slow moving, projectile throwing bosses are known under two names: Bruiser Brothers and Barons of Hell.
  • They're also a reference to the former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.
  • Upon defeating the Duke Brothers, Jakob comments that they were "unworthy." This may suggest the Duke Brothers were part of a chain of command in the Cult.
  • The Duke Brothers are the introductory boss variant of the Grand Wizards, which appear in Episode 2.