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The Cult is an enemy faction in DUSK. They are the main antagonist faction of The Foothills and are seen throughout the game.


The Cult is made up of several inhabitants of the rural backwoods along the outskirts of DUSK, Pennsylvania. Their organization is led by a single leader, who must prove that they are worthy of leading by defeating the previous cult leader in a duel. The Cult's practices are mainly centered around worship of the Lovecraftian horror Nyarlathotep (and possibly even Shub-Niggurath). Cult members are extremely zealous and are prejudiced against outsiders and non-believers. They believe that all who are not part of their faith should be killed on sight, including protagonist, Duskdude.

Members of the Cult make their presence known through the usage of their symbol, which is displayed in several locations throughout the game and appears on the robes of all Mages, and Wizards. Some members seem to favour the use of tall, pointed hoods as part of their dress, though whether this is required for their faith is unknown. Additionally, the Cult members have various framed photographs of their leader in their homes and businesses.


Theleaderhimself.jpg Cultleaderpainting.jpg

Enemies Part of the Cult[]

Interesting Facts[]

  • The Leathernecks, Mages, Grand Wizards, and Duke Brothers wear hoods reminiscent of KKK member hoods. David Duke is a known white supremacist and was also once the Grand Wizard of the KKK. It's likely that this, in combination with H.P. Lovecraft's poem "Nyarlathotep", which refers to various "hooded forms" at one point, inspired the Cultist's appearance. This would imply a subversion of the overtly racist themes present in many of Lovecraft's works.
  • The Second picture is a painting entitled Figure with Meat created by the Irish painter Francis Bacon.