Dusk Wiki
Damage Singleplayer: 300 (swing), 900 (stab)
Multiplayer: 100 (swing), 225 (stab)
Attack type Melee
Attack delay Noticeable
Swing interval ~0.51 s
Note Special abilities
(see below)


The Sword is an advanced melee weapon that is found through secrets in Episode 1 The Foothills and Episode 2 The Facilities, and commonly found in Episode 3 The Nameless City.

The Sword has a slower swing speed than the Sickles, but more than makes up for it in damage, being ostensibly a magical weapon. In addition, the Sword has two extra abilities that require certain player stats to be high enough in order to function.

The first ability activates if the player has at least 100 Health: the player can hold the attack button to charge up a magical stab, dealing 900 damage.

The second ability activates if the player has at least 50 Morale: the player can hold down the secondary attack button to hold the Sword's blade forth, and it will deflect enemy projectiles. This parry will consume 1 morale point for each deflection, but does not require strict timing like the Sickles need with their swing-derived parry.

The Sword deals 300 damage in a single swing.