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Super Shotgun
Super Shotgun
Damage Singleplayer: 600 (20 pellets)
Multiplayer: 300 (20 pellets)
Attack type Hitscan
Attack delay None
Reload time ~1.45 s
Ammunition Shotgun shells
Round capacity 50 (25 shots)
Note Consumes 2
shells per shot


The Super Shotgun is a break-action double-barreled shotgun. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

The Super Shotgun has a slow rate of fire (in fact, it is the slowest weapon in the game), but will kill most foes in 2 point-blank shots or less. Alongside the Crossbow, it is one of the two only weapons in Dusk that are actually reloaded after each shot.

It uses the same ammunition pool as the normal Shotguns, however it uses 2 shells per shot.

There is no alternate fire.

It has the same capacity of 50 shells as the normal Shotguns.

The Super Shotgun deals 600 damage spread across 20 pellets, with each pellet dealing 30 damage. In result, compared to the Shotgun, the Super Shotgun achieves quadruple damage per blast while using only twice the ammo.


  • The Super Shotgun has a resemblance to the Super Shotgun from Doom II.
  • It is able to kill up to ten soldiers in one shot.
  • Its shots have a 50% random chance to gib enemies that otherwise have death animations.