Dusk Wiki
Damage Singleplayer: 25
(75 when intoxicated)
Multiplayer: 50
Attack type Melee
Attack delay Short
Swing interval ~0.24 s
Note Hits deflect
enemy projectiles


The basic melee weapon. There are many aspects of this dual-handed weapon:

  • The Sickles are melee weapons the player starts with in Dusk. When playing in the Intruder Mode, these are the only weapon with which the player starts any given level.
  • They are a pair of rusted tools the Duskdude presumably picked up while in the basement of E1M1.
  • The Sickles have a quick swing speed, which makes up for their low damage.
  • The Sickles allow for unlimited use and are typically used to preserve ammo.
  • The Sickles can also be used to deflect projectiles back at enemies with a well-timed swing.
  • The easiest way to activate the Sickles is by clicking the middle mouse button. This activates a message saying "Mighty Sickles Activated".
  • The Sickles are the iconic weapon of Dusk, appearing in the main title screen.


  • Dave Oshry proposed the weapon idea.[1]