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Damage Singleplayer: 200 (direct) + 300 (explosion)
Multiplayer: 75 (direct) + 60 (explosion)
Attack type Projectile
Reload time Singleplayer: ~0.31 s
Multiplayer: ~0.61 s
Ammunition Rivets
Round capacity 25


The Riveter is in most cases the most powerful weapon of them all. It acts like an extremely powerful rocket launcher, firing "rivets" - small, glowing-hot explosive projectiles that deal a huge amount of damage (for their size).

The Riveter boasts a very high rate of fire, making it useful for swiftly taking down groups of tough enemies or bosses.

The rivets can be used to rocket jump around, making it useful for getting around maps, getting into crafty locations or for finding secrets. It can also be used for reaching out-of-bounds locations whilst speedrunning.

In Episode 1 The Foothills, this potent weapon is only found through secrets.

The Riveter holds 25 rivets.

The Riveter deals a maximum of 500 damage on a direct hit.


The Riveter's function is similar to the Devastator from Duke Nukem 3D. Both weapons act as rocket launchers with extraordinarily high rate of fire, and are practically the most powerful weapons in their respective arsenals.

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