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Possessed Soldier
Possessed Soldier
Health 55
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
Attack type Projectile
First appearance E1M8

Possessed Soldiers are enemies encountered in The Foothills. They make their first appearance in E1M8: Through the Gate and appear in multiple levels throughout the game, however several dead Soldiers can be seen in prior levels.


The Possessed Soldiers wear what appears to be the M81 Woodland BDU (Battle Dress Uniform), Tan PASGT Body Armour (Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops) , Woodland PASGT Helmets, and (inaccurately) Canadian C-4 Protective Masks with red-tinted lenses, black combat gloves and black combat boots. Possessed Soldiers are also armed with a generic rifle (somewhat resembling an M16A2 without a carry handle or front sight block).

The group of Possessed Soldiers encountered in E1M8 are infighting with members of the Cult. They appear to be defending the gate to the town of DUSK from them, implying that they may not be fully possessed yet.

Tactical Analysis[]

When spotting a player, Possessed Soldiers will yell out to them and proceed to move towards them. Possessed Soldiers that are actively hunting down players will breathe heavily through their gas masks, giving away their position. Their main method of attack is firing three-round bursts from their rifles at players. Fortunately for the player, Possessed Soldiers are among some of the weakest enemies in the game with 55hp, only 5hp above Rats. A few shots from a Pistol or a single Shotgun blast is enough to take one down easily. Continuous fire from an Assault Rifle is enough to defeat a large group of Possessed Soldiers.

On death, Possessed Soldiers will occasionally drop Pistol Bullets, Shotgun Shells, or Rifle Bullets.




Possessed Soldiers will say a variety of voice lines upon spotting a player. These include:

  • "Intruder spotted."
  • "Stop him."
  • "Flank him."
  • "Halt."
  • "Stop."