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Possessed Scarecrow
Possessed Scarecrow
Health 700
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
80 (4 pellets)
Attack type Projectile
First appearance E1M2

The Possessed Scarecrow is an enemy encountered in The Foothills. It makes its first appearance in E1M2: Down On the Farm and makes an appearance in several levels throughout the game.


Possessed Scarecrows appear as tall, bloodied scarecrows that were made with a burlap sack, dark grey jacket, and blue jeans. Straw can be seen sticking out of its clothing and holes have been cut for the eyes and mouth. Its eyes glow red, suggesting it is possessed by Cult influences. Each Scarecrow brandishes a Super Shotgun.

Tactical Analysis[]

Possessed Scarecrows can appear in the levels as either static map props or regular enemies. If they are a map prop, they will jump down from their post and become a regular enemy once a player gets too close to them. Regardless, Possessed Scarecrows will screech at the player when they spot them, signaling that they are actively hunting them. When in attacking range, a Possessed Scarecrow will raise its weapon and fire a single blast of four pellets in a spread. These are easily dodged at long range, but it can be dangerous up close. Possessed Scarecrows have 700hp and move at a considerable speed, making them dangerous to go up against in early levels.

Like most of the beefier enemies in the game, Possessed Scarecrows are easily dispatched by strong weapons like the Super Shotgun, Riveter, and Hunting Rifle. Most of these weapons will usually kill them in two shots, while other weapons like the Crossbow or regular Shotguns will take four or five. The Sword is generally the most effective weapon if you're skilled at dodging the Possessed Scarecrow's shotgun blasts. As you can swiftly close the distance by bunny-hopping, kill it instantly with a stab attack and save ammo in the process.