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One As Many
One As Many
Health 5000
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
Attack type Melee charge
Level E3MS

One As Many, also known as the Rat King, is a boss encountered in The Nameless City. It makes its appearance in E3MS: The Ratacombs and is exclusive to that level. One As Many appears as a giant version of the Rat enemy. Its boss battle theme is Murder Machine Inc.


Upon collecting the blue key, an arena can be opened which bears similar resemblance to the starting area. Upon walking to the exit door, it will open, unleashing a horde of Rats and One As Many following behind them. This starts the boss battle.

Tactical Analysis[]

One As Many behaves almost identically to its smaller brethren, but with one difference. Its primary method of attack is through charging, which can deal a great amount of knockback if it connects with the player. One As Many's charge is also strong enough to kill other Rats, as is shown after it first charge. The boss has 5000 health, making it one of the weaker bosses to fight against in the game.

The main goal to keep in mind when fighting One As Many is to stay out of its charge attack. Due to the size of the boss, however, this can be a bit difficult. Stronger weapons such as the Riveter and Hunting Rifle will bring One As Many's health down considerably. Additionally, the Mortar provided in the start of the level can be a useful weapon against One As Many and any stray rats that follow it.


  • According to his name, he would be the Giant Rat that makes all of the rules.