Level 1 • Eyes of the Wraith The vampire may choose to perceive either the physical world, or the Shadowlands. She may not perceive more than sight and sound in the Shadowlands, and she may not perceive both worlds at once.

Level 2 • Consume the Dead The vampire may drink the corpus from a wraith, in the same fashion that vampires drink blood from mortals, at up to three points per turn. This inflicts one unsoakable level of damage on the wraith per blood point gained by the vampire. This power is not like the Kiss; a wraith is free to struggle, unless the vampire also has Black Blood.

Level 3 • Aura of Decay By spending a blood point, the vampire can infect inanimate material within a foot of her with the energy of Oblivion. The effects are noticeable between one turn and one day; for example, most highly technological devices will stop functioning in seconds, but the materials from which they are made will take much longer to be broken down. This also affects the vampire’s belongings.

Level 4 • The Dark Touch Roll: Cha. + Occult, difficulty Sta. + 3 By reaching out to a victim within ten feet of her, the vampire can direct the energy of Oblivion toward a victim, who is put in severe pain, and takes two levels of damage per success.

Level 5 • Nightcry Roll: Cha. + Intimidation, difficulty 8 The vampire may summon Shadowland creatures. Those summoned are either from the area where the vampire is, or other creatures, at the discretion of the Storyteller. A botch can result in a spectre, doppelgänger, malfean, or other hostile being responding to the summons.

Level 6 • Black Blood The vampire may effect wraiths with her blood just as she could normally effect others, as applicable. This could include blood-bonding a wraith, making a ghoul wraith, and creating ecstasy in the Kiss.

Level 7 • Oblivion’s Dance Roll: Sta. + Athletics, difficulty 6 The vampire can summon the energy of Oblivion, which emanates from every orifice on her head, and affects everything in the vicinity. The effects, which last for two turns per success, decay non-living material, and cause two levels of damage per success to any creatures in the area -- live, dead, or otherwise.