Dusk Wiki
Damage Singleplayer: 300 (explosion)
Multiplayer: 60 (explosion)
Attack type Projectile
Reload time ~0.66 s
Ammunition Grenades
Round capacity 50
Note Zoom button
detonates grenades


The Mortar is a large grenade launcher that fires arcing projectiles. These explode when: detonated by the zoom button (right mouse by default); after 5 seconds pass; or when coming into contact with an enemy.

Multiple grenades can explode at once when detonated, allowing the player to set huge traps.

Grenade projectile speeds are based on the players momentum - moving faster will add to the speed of the projectile when shot forward and will lose speed when moving backwards.

Grenades can be used to boost the player slightly, using grenade jumps.

The Mortar can hold up to 50 grenades.

Each grenade deals a maximum of 300 damage with a direct hit.