Dusk was created to let a group of very talented players and storytellers have their own independent venue. The founding principle is thus: In an online roleplay room every player is a storyteller. Every character, great or small, supernatural or human, should be able to effect the way the metaplot develops. Every player should be encouraged to roleplay interactive and interconnected characters that create both personal story and add to the metaplot.

The room staff should be available to help guide the direction of the story via roleplay, answer questions/link resources and moderate OOC conversation if there's sudden disruption. They should not have long lists of NPCs that have all the in-game prestige, status and power especially if they aren't interested in playing them when the story needs their input. Every player should have an opportunity to try and play a character with at least moderate influence and status: it will be up to their roleplaying skills to see that the character keeps it.

The metaplot should revolve around the most active characters- which should be a good mix of heroes, anti-heroes, sidekicks, love interests, adversaries and villains.

Players should feel like they can come to Dusk and play. There are character sheets, but they exist to give structure. Rules regarding creation and advancement are meant to be fair but flexible. The staff can teach mythos and system. The staff will be happy to help people make character sheets that support what they want to accomplish but do us the favor in return of reading creation rules carefully *BEFORE* you send.

Interesting characters played in believable ways by players that are enjoyable to roleplay with: that's what Dusk is looking for.