Ixion the Red Star

The Bigger PictureEdit

In 1999, a mysterious heavenly body appeared in the celestial heavens of the Umbra, giving the first portent to the mystics within both the Concordiat and the Spirals that great events were afoot within the Tellurian. Then the Fianna and Silent Striders discovered from respective allies that it could also be seen in the Dreaming and Shadowlands.

Morever, the Silent Striders and the Ivory Priesthood were told by ghost allies that a Maelstrom had unleashed itself upon the Dark Umbra bringing about the destruction of the Underworld political factions, bringing madness and anarchy. Now liberated to do as they willed, ghosts began to haunt the skinlands with greater frequency and their interactions with the Garou and other factions like the Giovanni increased.

The presence of this Red Star, first being called Antihelios led to widespread urgency and near hysteria. Questing packs were launched into the Aetherial Realms while the nation waited expectingly, preparing to follow and engage in war to protect the Realms. However, the questing packs returned to report that Ixion, the Incarna of Antihelios does not seem to be directly associated with Malfeus or the Wyrm but it is a sinister and dreadful entity. Some of them, who had audiences with Eshtarra, Meros or Sokta bring word that Ixion speaks only Hakahe and Tambiyah, both of whom call it The Harbinger.

The Garou were forced to turn their attention to more terrestrial matters including the abrupt succession of the Stargazers from the Concordiat to join the Beast Courts of the Emerald Mother and the growing concern that King Jonas Albrecht had no heir.