Dusk Wiki
Health 180
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
Attack type Projectile
First appearance E1M1

Mages, also known as Cultists or Wizards, are enemies encountered throughout DUSK. They make their first appearance in E1M1: Head Cheese and appear in nearly every single level in the game.


Mages wear white robes, grey capes, and a brown sash. The front of their robes bears the sign of the Cult, which can be found in several of their establishments throughout the game. The most notable feature of the Mage is their hood, which is pointed at the top and reveals only a set of red eyes. Mages do not walk, preferring instead to float using a mysterious green aura.

Tactical Analysis[]

Mages are one of the first enemies the player encounters and as such, are very weak, with only 180 hp. When spotting a player, Mages will say a voice line prior to attacking. Mages move at an average speed and attack by launching fireballs from their hands. The speed of the fireballs increases with difficulty. Mages are easily killed with a Pistol or any other weapon. The Assault Rifle is effective against Mages in large numbers. Additionally, their fireball projectiles can be deflected back at them using the Sickles or Sword.

Mages attack twice as frequently when difficulty is set to Cero Miedo or Duskmare, which appears to be a trait unique to them. This, along with them possibly being the most common enemy in the game, appearing in large groups, makes them very likely to kill the player on these two difficulty levels.




Upon spotting a player, Mages will say a random voice line. These include:

  • "Blood..."
  • "Heretic..."
  • "Sacrifice..."
  • "Non-believer..."
  • "Kill him..."
  • "Unworthy..." (When appearing to finish off Jakob in E3M10: DUSK as he is brought down to 500 health.)


The quotes "Blood..." and "Heretic..." are references to the first-person shooter games of the same names.