Dusk Wiki
Health 2000
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
50 (Cero Miedo)
Attack type Melee
Level E3M8

Littleneck is a boss that appears in The Nameless City. It is encountered through a secret in E3M8: As Above, So Below and appears as a smaller version of the Leatherneck.


In one of the latter segments of E3M8, the player will walk into a room full of scaled-up props which prompts the Mysterious Voice will say to the player, "So small, so powerless...". After fighting off the enemies in that particular room, there is a wall that can be opened up, revealing a secret. Upon picking up the items in the secret area, another wall will open in front of the player, revealing Littleneck.

Tactical Analysis[]

Littleneck's behavior is identical to that of the Leatherneck, but with slightly faster speed and a much smaller size. The boss has 2000 health, making for a largely trivial fight. Like the Leatherneck, Littleneck can only hit you with melee attacks. As long as the player stays out of his melee range, he can be easily defeated with a few shots from the Riveter, or with the Sword to save ammunition. After Littleneck is killed, Dusk Dude will quote "Aww, cute..."