Dusk Wiki
Health 370
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
Attack type Melee
First appearance E1M1

The Leatherneck is the first enemy the player encounters in DUSK. They make their first appearance in E1M1: Head Cheese, though they appear in every episode.


Leathernecks appear as burly men with red flannel shirts, blood-stained overalls, a burlap sack over the head, and gloves. Each Leatherneck wields a rusted chainsaw that is also covered in blood. Lore suggests that they may do most of the labor for the rural areas of the foothills.

Tactical Analysis[]

Leathernecks are strictly melee enemies who fight with a chainsaw and have a relatively fast walking speed. Leathernecks have decent health compared to most enemies, and deal considerable damage to the player. Leathernecks chainsaws and breathing sounds are audible before they spot the player. Leathernecks are simple enemies, featuring a beefy health total of 370hp and a harsh melee with a surprisingly fast attack speed, they approach the player directly upon noticing their presence and will attempt to kill them with their signature chainsaws without relent, only stopping their movement when flinching or attacking as they brace themselves. The low damage of the chainsaw and their simple tactics are made up for with their walk speed and bulk, allowing them to corner unwary players before sawing into them. When engaging them, the player should stay mobile, always keeping an escape route in mind and looking for either opportunities to attack with melee, objects to throw at them, or to gun them down from a distance. If you are forced to resort to melee however, then attack them during the window that they give when swinging their chainsaw.

Given their simple strategy of walking towards you with murderous intent Leathernecks are a prime target for friendly fire, usually catching a few fireballs or blood-shots from Mages or Black-Philips when attacking in crowds at which point they'll turn on a dime and attack the offender, usually dying or killing the attacker in the process and giving the player a notable advantage.