In an attempt to discover more about their Obtenebration Discipline, members of the Lasombra created the Kiasyd bloodline, which is a millennia older than the Sabbat itself, by infusing themselves with what was supposedly fae blood. Kiasyd are all extremely tall, growing from six inches to two feet upon their Embrace and taking on odd facial features. Their eyes are rounded and completely black, and their faces become thin and angular. The vampires must be locked up during the transformation period, which usually lasts two nights, because the madness that shakes them is extremely potent. The pain also drives them into constant frenzy until the change is complete.

Disciplines: Mytherceria, Necromancy, Obtenebration

Advantage: The Kiasyd bloodline is not part of the Sabbat, nor is it associated with the Camarilla. Outside esoteric circles, the Kiasyd are rare and virtually unknown, and thus their freedom is great. They possess strange knowledges such as Faerie and Wraith Lore, and it has been rumored they have been taught by ancient goblins to craft stone with their bare hands.

Disadvantage: Their unusual appearance keeps them from interacting with human society much. With a strong aversion to pure iron (steel and iron alloys do not qualify as such), Kiasyd tend to frenzy if in iron's presence for over half an hour, though a Blood Trait can be spent to prevent this (one per half hour over the original is needed). Touching cold iron causes them to frenzy immediately, and no Traits can be spent to prevent this. Kiasyd suffer aggravated damage when wounded with cold iron.