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Health 5000
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
180 (15 pellets)
Attack type Projectile
Level E1M3

The Intoxigator is a boss encountered in The Foothills. It makes its appearance in E1M3: Old Time Religion and serves as the first boss of DUSK. Intoxigator appears as a large American Alligator with toxin vats and machinery hardwired from its back to its mouth.


After successfully acquiring the blue key, a door can be opened which leads to a decent-sized drop. From there, an arena with several sewer pipes can be entered. Intoxigator is then found in a room with several beer bottles on the floor and three large beer kegs.

Tactical Analysis[]

Intoxigator has 5000 health, making it one of the weaker bosses in the game. Intoxigator's main method of attack consists of spitting a volley of acid shots at the player, similar to the Horror's spit. If the player has not unlocked any additional weapons from secrets, Intoxigator can be a formidable first boss.

Like most bosses, Intoxigator is weak to weapons that deal high damage like the Mortar or Riveter. Utilizing the Super Shotgun from one of the secrets in the level can be useful, however the player will need to back away in time to avoid the acid spit. Additionally, using two of the pillars in the boss arena as cover can cancel Intoxigator's spit if timed correctly.

Killing Intoxigator while drunk will award players with the Intoxigated achievement.



  • According to Intoxigator's texture name, the Intoxigator was at one point called the "Alley-Gator".
  • The Intoxigator appearing in a ruined waterdrain is most likely a reference to the flushed alligators urban legend, in which various pet alligators were flushed down the toilet once they got too big, and became mutated.
  • Intoxigator's namesake is a portmanteau of intoxicated and alligator.
  • Intoxigator is apparently Jakob's pet. When killed, Jakob exclaims to the player, "My pet! You'll pay for that..."
  • Intoxigator also has a son, encountered in E2M9: The Dig. Looking through the water on the opposite side of the arena shows a smaller Intoxigator swimming, speculated to be the son.