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Hunting Rifle
Hunting Rifle
Damage Singleplayer: 400 (2 "bullets")
Multiplayer: 100 (2 "bullets")
Attack type Hitscan
Attack delay None
Reload time ~1.20 s
Ammunition Hunting rifle bullets
Round capacity 15


The Hunting Rifle is a high-damage, bolt-action precision rifle with a powerful zoom (despite the lack of a scope entirely).

The Hunting Rifle packs a low ammo pool, but it is a devastatingly strong weapon with perfect accuracy. Due to its non-automatic nature, it fires slowly (it is nearly as slow as the Super Shotgun).

According to QA: the Hunting Rifle actually fires two hitscan projectiles. Both combined kill a target - or if the target dies from the one projectile - the second will go through, often killing the other enemy behind.

The Hunting Rifle holds 15 bullets.

Each shot deals 400 damage.