===THE HOUSE OF GORATRIX: The European Tremere Antitribu===



Zauberen (German for 'sorcerors')


The Sabbat makes no distinction between Tremere Antitribu, but similar to the division between the City and Country Gangrel, there is a division of sorts between the Tremere of the Sabbat. The difference is not particularly profound compared to the Gangrel division, though.

While the Antitribu of the Americas were a product of the 18th century wars that rocked the continent for half a century, the House of Goratrix developed somewhat earlier in Europe when Goratrix, one of the original Council of Seven, turned traitor on the Tremere. Their habits are somewhat different; in Europe they maintain their own chantries outside of Sabbat temples, whereas the Americans cordon off chunks of temples for labs. Also, in Europe the Lasombra are far more prominent than in America (most Sabbat Tzimisce being located in the New World), so that the Tremere in general are more powerful. The primary competition is first with the mainline clan, and second with the Old Clan Tzimisce, who make no distinction between mainline and Antitribu.

The organization of House Goratrix is a bit more formal than that of the American Antitribu, somewhat remniscent of the Hermetic structure of the original clan. Goratrix sits at the top, ostensibly over all Tremere Antitribu (though the Americans are too autonomous to really recognize his authority). There is a Council of Six, a number chosen to parody the beliefs of those who swear by numerology. Below that, there is a Jesuitish rule of obedience to sire and pack leader.


They tend to be well-dressed and fashionable, often indistinguishable from any other European businessbeing.


Same as American Antitribu, though college students tend not to be as well represented.

Character CreationEdit

Same as American.

Clan DisciplinesEdit

Same as American (Thaumaturgy), though they have a few Thaumaturgical paths with Tzimisce roots that are bound to the soil of Europe.

Clan OrganizationEdit

Loosely hierarchical, though the pyramid is somewhat flat. In general, there is an order of obedience that goes: Goratrix, Council of Six, Sabbat chain of command, sire, pack leader. Their packs tend to be pure Tremere.


As with the American Antitribu, they are marked by the mainline Tremere as traitors. It is the same mark; the Tremere make no more distinction between them than anyone else.


American Tremere Antitribu: The philosophical differences are interesting. Though we are different, there is something to the fact that none but us make the distinction.

Tremere: We are Sabbat because we no longer trust Tremere. The rest are deluded and dangerous.

Everyone Else: Largely the same as the Americans.