Gangrel Antitribu----

"Thou art a valorous warrior, mortal, to have won through to this place. I shall give thee a death worthy of a champion and tell tales of thy heroism." Through the forest nights wander the lonely, nomadic Gangrel. Unlike their brethren, Gangrel spurn the trappings of civilization, preferring to roam the deep wilds in solitude. The Gangrel is a clan only in the loosest sense; its members tend to be rugged individualists, indifferent to the protocols of either mortal or vampire. They are the bestial ones, the closest to losing themselves to the wild.

Few beings know the wild places like the Gangrel do. They remember many of the ancient sites of elder magic, and have allied with (or at least know how to avoid) the few mythic beasts still dwelling near those sites. Gangrel also traffic with more mundane beasts, and most Gangrel can converse with the denizens of forest and field. Indeed, Gangrel tend to be more comfortable with such creatures than with the mortals they were or the vampires they have become.

Gangrel were once more common, but the decline of the ancient pagan cultures and the spread of human civilization (and its vampiric parasites) have forced the clan deeper and deeper into the wastes. Many Gangrel resent this, and battles have recently been fought between civilized "settlers" and Gangrel reluctant to leave their hunting grounds. Gangrel avoid prolonged stays in large cities, preferring life in the wilderness.

They are on tolerable terms with Gangrel outside the Sabbat, but share no common bonds with them. In addition, they get along with Gypsies, though they usually avoid contact with them if they can. While most are loners, friendships with others of their clan are commonplace. They often have or serve as mentors within their own clan. Some Gangrel do not participate in all the activities of their pack, but this is accepted because pack members always know where to find them in case of an emergency.

Nickname: Hunters

Appearance: Almost all Gangrel Antitribu have the Protean Discipline and the weakness that goes with it – the development of animalistic features. Most Gangrel dress in either earth tones or simple clothing of dark shades.

Background: Many Gangrel come from pagan and barbarian civilizations: Celts, Vikings, Mongols, Lapps and the like. Those Gangrel drawn from "civilized" peoples tend to be chosen from foresters, yeomen and other sturdy, resourceful folk on the outer reaches of their civilization.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean