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There are three main Game Modes in Dusk.

List of game modes

  • Campaign Mode
  • This mode puts the player against the forces of evil in a 3-episode story.
  • A level select is available, along with a loadout system that allows you to choose the weapons you would like to begin each level with.
  • An additional Intruder Mode is available. Selecting this mode will start you with only your sickles upon entering a new level.
  • Endless Survival
  • This mode will put the player in front and center of wave after wave of enemies.
  • Multiplayer Arena (DuskWorld)
  • This mode offers the chance to go head to head online to battle friends online, where darkness hosts the worst of humanity in surprising new ways.
  • SDK
  • This mode offers the chance to play custom levels built for DUSK. Also offers compatibility with Quake or Half-Life maps.

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