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Fork Maiden
Fork Maiden
Health 1000
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
Attack type Projectile
First appearance E1M5

Fork Maidens are enemies encountered in The Foothills. They make their first appearance in E1M5: Sawdust and appear in several levels throughout the game, most notably in E1M6: The Cutty Mine.


Fork Maidens appear as very frail-looking reanimated corpses of women. They wear dirty or blood-stained dresses, a string of pearls, a straw hat, and a faded purple sash around their waist. Fork Maidens have a greenish aura radiating from their hands, suggesting that they dabble in the same magic powers that members of the Cult use.

Tactical Analysis[]

Upon spotting a player, Fork Maidens will hiss out to the player, prompting them to start moving towards them. They will play a distinct sound before firing a green pitchfork-shaped projectile at the player. These projectiles are fast and heavily damaging, with one pitchfork bring a player's health down by a significant chunk on harder difficulties. Despite their appearance, Fork Maidens are a rather tanky enemy to fight against, having one of the highest health pools (1000hp) of any common enemy in The Foothills.

Fortunately for the player, their speed is very sluggish. A good strategy for fighting off Fork Maidens is to take advantage of their slow speed. Like most high-health enemies, Fork Maidens are weak to stronger weapons such as the Riveter, Mortar, and Hunting Rifle. Additionally, the Sword is capable of both reflecting Fork Maidens' projectiles and killing one in three swipes.


The forkmaiden in Dusk Developer build 7.0 appear much more frequently from Sawdust (Here called "The Foothills") onwards. Their projectile is slower, they almost barely move and can be stunlocked by most weapons. They take an absurd amount of damage.


Fork Maidens2.jpg


Fork Maidens will eerily call out to the player upon spotting them, signaling their attack:

  • "Sinner..."
  • "I see you..."