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The Fast Fire Totem is a powerup in DUSK. It makes its first major appearance in E1M2: Down On the Farm and appears in almost every level in the game.


The Fast Fire Totem visually resembles a strange red/pink glyph in the shape of an S. When picked up, the Fast Fire Totem will increase the fire rate of all currently carried weapons. This effect stacks with multiple Totems, each one doubling rate of fire. The power of the Totem makes it an incredibly useful powerup, able to clear out hordes of enemies with relative ease. A good strategy for using the Fast Fire Totem is to save its usage for larger enemies that require more hits. This way, the player can conserve ammo in powerful weapons such as the Riveter and use up ammo in weaker, less used weapons such as the Pistols. Using a Fast Fire Totem makes weaker weapons more viable by increasing the fire rate.


  • The Fast Fire Totem appears to be analogous to Quake's Quad Damage and several powerups from Doom.