Dusk Wiki

Explosions in Dusk are damage sources created by various game events.

Causes of explosions[]

Explosions can be caused by the following game events:

  • Destruction of barrels marked with hazard symbols, gas cans, and cars
  • Gibbing of welders or their corpses
  • Detonation of explosive projectiles shot either by players or by non-player entities

Effects of explosions[]

All explosions in the game deal the same amount of damage and pushback, and also share the same blast radius and visual effects.


In singleplayer, enemies always take 300 points of damage from explosions. Meanwhile, the player only takes 12 points of damage from them. This damage, however, is applied twice if the player is touching the ground, often resulting in a total damage of 24 points.

In multiplayer, players take 60 damage from explosions caused by enemy projectiles, and 10 damage from their own. Just like in singleplayer, self-damage is applied twice if the player is touching the ground. Explosions caused by objects found in the map deal no damage in multiplayer.


Any airborne players caught in an explosion will receive a vertical impulse and a temporary horizontal push force determined by the angle from which they are hit by the explosion, as well as the distance from the explosion's epicentre. This, along with the reduced explosion self-damage while airborne, can be utilized to gain height and speed. Objects can also be pushed by explosions. Non-player characters and players who are touching a ground are unaffected by explosion pushback. Explosions caused by objects found in the map cause no pushback in multiplayer.

Known issues[]

  • Mama is immune to all explosion damage that isn't caused directly by projectiles shot by the player, due to a bug.
  • Sometimes explosion self-damage is applied not once or twice, but three times, resulting in 36 damage in total (30 in multiplayer). This is probably also a bug.