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Down On the Farm is the second mission of The Foothills, taking place on a farm.



  • The nearest hay bale to the starting point has Assault Rifle Bullets next to it; interacting with it will make it slide out of the way, revealing an Assault Rifle.
  • The silo next to the barn has a cracked wall, with a convenient Gas Can next to it; blowing up the cracked wall reveals two boxes of Shotgun Shells and a Bag of Gems, as well as another Gas Can.
  • Use a prop or the Riveter to boost on top of the cornfield; a small clearing can be accessed, containing many Gold Coins and 2 Rivets.
  • In the previously-mentioned area, a small depression in the ground is actually a hatch, which reveals an underground chamber containing a Riveter, extra Rivets, a Rat, Medical Kits and Magic Potions, as well as a teleporter leading to the second floor of the barn.
  • A Hallowed Health is on top of the barn; reaching it counts as a secret.
  • In the garage with the Red Key, a switch is hidden by a barrel and some tires; flip it and return to the underground chamber to discover a new passage has opened, leading to E1MS: The Dim Slough. Step into the passage for the secret to register.

The Soap is found in the bathroom on the second floor of the house, on the shelf in the shower.

Rachel's Secret Area In the secret underground chamber, a basketball is hidden next to the teleporter; dropping it through the basketball hoop on the side of the house (or getting it close enough) will open a large passageway, leading to Rachel's Secret Area, containing two Fast Fire Totems, 6 +24 Assault Rifle Bullets, 3 +10 Crossbow Bolts, 5 Rivets, a Mortar, a Sword, an Assault Rifle, a Crossbow and Hallowed Health, as well as a teleporter to the roof of the barn (making Secret 5 a little bit easier). This will also get you the Duskwife Achievement.