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Head Cheese is the first mission of The Foothills, taking place in and around the house in which Duskdude first awakens.



Key points in the map will be marked in italics and key locations for secrets which count towards 100% will be marked in bold.

Essential Knowledge[]

There are NO KEYS in the map, the map has a simple point a to point b system however there is an additional route and areas to explore. You can hug the walls to the left as you spawn and go up the stairs to the door. You will enter another slaughter area, proceed straight to the right, a narrow passage will take you to a dead end, but there is a hole in the wall in which you can turn right. Also note- you can also jump on top of rubble on the path to the right to access the same area a different way. Up the stairs you will enter a kitchen area- go straight through the door, turn left and then turn left after the corner. And head straight through the split path. The path on the right is the fastest way to the exit. The exit itself requires you to slide under- or shoot the tree.

  • The best speedrunning time on accessible and any % is 10.96 seconds.

Other Places of Interest[]

  • If you destroy the barrels in the first area, you can pick up one pistol bullet and a small medkit.
  • After encountering the first Mage- if you turn left and go behind the shack with the narrow passage, there are 2 pistol magazines and a small healthkit.
  • If you turn right and go behind the fence where you encounter the two mages, a pistol is available there.
  • Once you reach the kitchen, there is an ammo box behind the counter and up the stairs to the left is a shotgun.



  • In the first room, there is an alcove behind two barrels containing a Pistol.
  • Also in the first room, a cracked wall can be blown up with the Gas Can, revealing a tunnel to a secret chamber with a Shotgun; flipping a switch lets you emerge into the ruins south of the house.
  • In the previously-mentioned secret chamber, there are two walls with misaligned textures; interacting with either will reveal a Fast Fire Totem.
  • Just up the stairs from the first room, the wall directly opposite the doorway is fake, leading to a secret room with a Super Shotgun and a couple Rats.
  • Behind the shack, behind the Medical Kit and Pistol Bullets, is a small destructible vent containing a Priceless Diamond.
  • On the passage to the left facing the shack, there are rotten doors that can be broken; entering any of the rooms will activate the secret.

The Soap is found on the second floor of the house, next to the toilet.


  • The name of the level can be interpreted as the game creator's username online- 'jefequeso'. Literally meaning 'Head Cheese' or 'Boss Cheese'.
  • 'Head Cheese' was the original name of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  • 'Head Cheese' is a nickname for smegma.
  • 'Head Cheese' is a type of meat product made with boiled meat from an animals' head, usually a calf or pig.
  • Elements of E1M1 and E1M7 are used from the original tech demo.


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