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Duskdude, also referred to as the Intruder, is the main character of DUSK. Duskdude serves as the embodiment of the player and very little is known about his background.


Duskdude's canon appearance is only revealed through the comics & the ending of the game. He is a tall, old man with a long, white beard, a brown trench coat or duster & hat. The rest of his appearance is generally disclosed.


Level design hints at some story behind Duskdude's origins, but most of it is left unclear in the game itself. However, in the Steam forums the developers have clarified that he was a resident of DUSK, Pennsylvania and during his absence, for an unknown reason or period of time, The Cult became prominent in the town and sacrificed members of his family for opposing them[1]. The level design of E3M7: Homecoming implies what may have happened to his spouse and child. Both presumably being killed in their house burning down, due to the sound of crackling flames and screams that are heard when entering the home, indicated by his comments "Why am I here?" and "It hurts to remember" when their photos are examined. (Prior to this confirmation, he was speculated by some to be a treasure hunter who sought the town in hopes of becoming rich, only to end up clashing with the cult.)

Duskdude may also have a fear of or hatred towards frogs. Interacting with the cellar door outside of Duskdude's house in E3M7: Homecoming prompts him to say "Don't want to go down there. Too many frogs." This may tie in the appearance of the Horrors, which appear to have amphibian traits and otherwise may be the physical embodiment of Duskdude's fear of or hatred towards frogs. This may also be a reference to Stephen King's short story Rainy Season, the climax of which sees a couple's basement filled with killer frogs.


  • Duskdude's appearance is similar to that of Caleb from the 1997 game Blood.
  • Duskdude when interacting with a computer will comment "Don't have time to play with myself," which not only serves as an innuendo for masturbation, but may also be a fourth wall break. This is also a reference to Duke Nukem 3D, where when the player interacts with an arcade machine featuring Duke Nukem 2, Duke will remark "Don't have time to play with myself."
  • Duskdude hates Rats. As blatantly stated by his comment "I hate rats..." in E3MS: The Ratacombs after killing One As Many.
  • Duskdude doesn't talk directly like other fps characters, instead occasionally showing his thoughts in red text. This will usually occur when interacting with decals, big fights or after defeating certain bosses.


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