Daughters of Cacophany----

The Daughters are distinctly modern phenomenon despite their Classical name. No Kindred claims to have heard of them before the 1700s, and had they existed, vampires feel sure they would have known. The Daughters are such masters of song that most Kindred believe them to be an offshoot of the Toreador, though those who have been on the receiving end of their powers think the Malkavians had more influence

Disciplines: Fortitude , Melpominee , Presence

Advantage : Like the Toreador, the Daughters have a vast network of contacts in the mortal world which serve as a Herd. Every Daughter is allowed one free feeding each night, though the herd must be physically accessible in order for the character to use this Advantage.

Disadvantage: The Daughters of Cacophany are so caught up in their music that they hear it constantly. As a result of this distraction, they are one bid down on all Mental Challenges involving Perception. Additionally, a Daughter's Mental Traits dealing with Alertness and Perception can never exceed four.