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The DUSK Soundtrack is mostly composed by Andrew Hulshult (barring "I", and "End of a Journey") which were made by David), and is composed of various Industrial Metal (with some general heavy metal, and thrash) and Ambient themes. The native format of the songs (and pretty much all of the game's audio files), are .wav files, which can be played in any modern media player made since the 1990s.

Song Name File Name Appearance Specific Genre
Dusk dusk_theme_master2 Main Menu Theme Ambient Industrial
Still Alive "1st Part" unused_amb_loop Intermission Industrial Ambient
Still Alive "2nd Part" unused_action_loop Episode End Text Industrial Metal
Unnamed E1M1_loop E1M1 Dark Ambient
Unnamed E1M2_amb E1M2 Industrial Ambient
Bleeding Out l2_loop_action E1M2 Industrial Metal
Ashes to Ashes, Dusk to Dusk "1st Part" E1M3_amb E1M3, Episode 1 Level Selection Screen Ambient
Ashes to Ashes, Dusk to Dusk "2nd Part" E1M3_action E1M3 Red Key Door trap room Soft Industrial Metal
Unnamed Intoxigator_loop The Intoxigator, The Duke Brothers, Son of Intoxigator, and The Twins Boss Fights Industrial Metal
Alienation Akimbo E1M4_amb E1M4 Ambient Music Soft Industrial Metal
Twin Terrors "1st Part" E1M5_amb E1M5 Ambient Music Soft Industrial Metal
Twin Terrors "2nd Part" E1M5_actionloop E1M5 Action Music Thrash Metal
Mine Control "1st Part" mines_amb_loop E1M6 Ambient Music Industrial Ambient
Mine Control "2nd Part" mines_action E1M6 Action Music Thrash Metal
Handgun Harmony E1M6_HQ_Loop E1M7 music Industrial Metal
Camouflaged Conspiracy E1M8_amb E1M8 Industrial Ambient
Unquenchable Anger "1st Part" E1M7amb_loop E1M9 Industrial Ambient
Unquenchable Anger "2nd Part" E1M7action_loop E1M9 Industrial Metal
I (Short) synthbeatloop E1M10 "What Have We Created?" Room Electronic Ambient
Departure to Destruction "1st Part" boss1_action E1M10 Experiment #1 Industrial Metal
Departure to Destruction "2nd Part" experiment_phase_2 E1M10 Experiment #2 Industrial Metal
Death from Above "1st Part" E2M1_Ambient E2M1 E2M1 Ambient Industrial Ambient
Death from Above "2nd Part" E2M1_Action E2M1 E2M1 Action Industrial Metal
Unnamed wnedingo_ambientspace, low_tone_1 E2M2 Underground Ruins Ambience Ambient
Skinwalker "1st Part" EP2 SONG 1 Amb_Loop E2M2 E2M2 Action Industrial Metal
Skinwalker "2nd Part" EP2 SONG 1 Action E2M2 E2M2 Action Industrial Metal
Tension Ascension "1st part" E2M3_amb E2M3 Ambient Industrial Ambient
Tension Ascension "2nd part" E2M3_action E2M3 Action Industrial Metal
Unnamed E2M3_horror E2M3 Horror Industrial Ambient
Unnamed E2M4_introamb2 E2M4 Ambient (pre-switch) Industrial Ambient
Anesthetized E2M4_amb E2M4 Ambient (after switch) Industrial Ambient
Heart of the Thresher E2M4_action_loop E2M4 Action Industrial Metal
Run "Unreleased Mix" E2M4_action_noGTR E2M4 Action (Secret Level Activation Room) Industrial Metal
Run E2M4_action_withGTR E2MS Track Industrial Metal
Bottoms Up E2M5 E2M5 Track Electronic Ambient
Murder Machine Inc "1st Part" mini_boss_Loop_2 E2M5 "Mama" Fight Industrial Ambient
Erebus Reaction E2M6_action E2M6 Action Track Industrial Metal
A View from Below E2M6 Amb Loop E2M6 Ambient Electronic Ambient
Murder Machine Inc "2nd Part" mini_boss_Loop_1 E2M6 "Big John" Fight Industrial Metal
Power Of Babel '1st Part" e2M7_amb E2M7 Ambient Electronic Ambient
Power Of Babel '2nd Part" E2M7_Action E2M7 Action Industrial Metal
Unnamed E2M8_amb E2M8 Track Horror Ambient
Unnamed E2M9_amb(2) E2M9 Track Industrial Ambient
Hand Cannon Boss_Track_2_loop E2M10 "The Guardian" Boss Fight Industrial Metal