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Programming & Engine[]

DUSK uses Unity as it's game engine, UnityScript (A fork of JavaScript) is used as the coding language for DUSK.

Graphics and Sound[]

Graphics have been done almost exclusively by David Syzmanski, with all textures made using GIMP, and Krita Some terrain textures are sourced from real-world sources, such as factories, farms, and equipment from around Pennsylvania. Modelling, and animation is all handled using Blender.

The sound design for DUSK during it's early development was originally handled by David Syzmanski, however, after the project moved from independent to under the management of New Blood Interactive, Andrew Hulshult tackled a majority of the sound design for ambience, characters, and to a small extent weapons (It can be assumed that weapon select sounds were managed by him, according to a twitter post [1])

Andrew Hulshult manages the entirety of the music for DUSK. The genre of the soundtrack is labeled under both Ambient, and Industrial Metal. Songs such as Erebus have used samples, and basic covers from various songs.


Pre-Release Versions[]


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