Dusk Wiki
Damage Singleplayer: 200
Multiplayer: 125
Attack type Projectile
Reload time ~0.51 s
Ammunition Crossbow bolts
Round capacity 30
Note Bolts pass through
walls and enemies


The Crossbow is a magical weapon that fires green, glowing bolts.

The bolts are fast and do good damage, but their most unique feature is the ability to go right through practically everything. They not only penetrate multiple enemies in a row with no hindrances, but they can also phase through props and even walls. Thanks to this ability, the Crossbow allows for huge multi-kills as well as kills through walls, and the same time it retains the ability to trigger shootable buttons.

The Crossbow's rate of fire is average, but is markedly faster than the other "sniper" weapon, the Hunting Rifle.

The Crossbow also features heavy recoil, which allows the player to propel themselves upwards or hover in air with their shots when shot straight down.

The Crossbow holds 30 Bolts.

Each bolt deals 200 damage.


  • The Crossbow bears a strong resemblance to the Ethereal Crossbow, a weapon from Heretic. Both the Ethereal Crossbow and the Crossbow from Dusk are stringless and fire green bolts (their gameplay mechanics differ significantly, however).
  • Its shots have a 50% random chance to gib enemies that otherwise have death animations.