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Chomper's Son
Chomper's Son
Health 200
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
60 (3 pellets)
Attack type Projectile
Level E3M3

Chomper's Sons are enemies encountered in The Nameless City. They make their first appearance in E3M3: City of Shadows and are exclusive to that level only.


Chomper's Sons are identical to Chomper. They possess the same features as the boss, albeit on a smaller scale. They are the only common enemy in the game that is specifically designed for underwater areas.

Tactical Analysis[]

Chomper's Sons behave similarly to Chomper, but instead of firing multiple bloody projectiles, they only fire one at a time. The projectiles fired by Chomper's Sons are similar to the Black Phillip's spit. Since underwater combat allows for a lot less dodging than on land, avoiding hits from them is not an easy task. Fortunately, this enemy is only encountered in a single area in the game, so preparing for future encounters with them is not needed. They have a slightly below-average health pool of 200hp, so a Hunting Rifle or Mortar will be enough to kill them in one shot. A good strategy for fighting them is to reflect their projectiles using the Sword, then hit them with another weapon.