Dusk Wiki
Health 7000
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
200 (10 pellets)
Attack type Projectile
Level E3M3

Chomper is a boss encountered in The Nameless City. It makes its appearance in E3M3: City of Shadows and is exclusive to that level. Chomper resembles a large, red fish with a gaping maw.


After successfully acquiring the red key and opening the well, the player will need to jump in to acquire the yellow key. After navigating a short tunnel, the player will come across sunken ruins with a large wall on the other side of the room that can be opened. Interacting with said wall will expose a room where Chomper exposes itself to the player, initiating the fight.

Tactical Analysis[]

Chomper spawns with roughly 7000 health, making it an average health boss to fight against. Its main method of attack is to fire a spread of blood shots that are similar to the Black Phillip's, but slower in speed. This spread encompasses around eight to nine shots and is signaled by a distinct noise. Chomper also tends to move away from the player, preferring to huddle in a corner until fired at. This makes the boss one of the easier fights in The Nameless City.

As with most bosses, Chomper is weak to stronger weapons like the Riveter, Hunting Rifle, and Crossbow. However, the fact that the fight takes place underwater renders weapons like the Mortar obsolete. Additionally, the player's movement is slowed underwater, making it difficult to dodge Chomper's projectiles. A good strategy for fighting Chomper is to use mainly hitscan weapons like the Hunting Rifle or Assault Rifle. The Sword can also be used to deflect any stray projectiles from Chomper's spread.