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Cheats are a set of in-game commands for DUSK. Not to be confused with cheating or hacking, cheats allow the players to do various things to their advantage without the use of a third-party program. Using a cheat code in the game will grant the player the "UNWORTHY" achievement.

List of Cheat Codes[edit | edit source]

The current list of cheat codes included:

  • Nbreflect - Mirror mode (cannot be toggled off).
  • Nbponcho - Toggles the Lava Suit powerup for 300 seconds.
  • Nbkfa - Gives the player full health as well as all keys, weapons, and ammo.
  • Nbkeys - Gives the player all keys.
  • Nbdeity - Toggles god mode, however the player can still lose health bonuses from damage.
  • Nbff - Doubles fire speed similar to the Fast Fire Totem. Stacks similarly to the Fast Fire Totem and will be lost upon picking up a Fast Fire Totem.
  • Nbregularfingers - Sets fire speed up back to normal.
  • Nbhot - Toggles the Serum of Blistering Heat powerup.
  • Nbspoder - Toggles the Climbing Thing powerup for 300 seconds.
  • Nbshooters - Gives the player all weapons.
  • Nbdeathless - Gives the player full health and morale.
  • Nbfrog - Increases jump height by .1 each time it's typed.
  • Nbman - Resets jumping height to normal.
  • Nbwoohoo - Toggles slowly motion mode.
  • Nbgotta - Doubles movement speed. This also affects falling and using Blows.
  • Nbufo - Allows the player to fly via the spacebar.
  • Nbullets - Toggles infinite ammo.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Players can access the cheat codes through a file in DUSK's "goodies" folder labeled Cheats.txt.
  • nbkfa is a reference to DOOM's "idkfa" cheat, which does the same as it does in DUSK. The text, "notably exuberant munitions acquired", is a riff on "very happy ammo added" text from idkfa.
  • nbhot is a reference to Superhot, as is its corresponding powerup.
  • nbgotta refers to the Sonic X Anime, whose theme song includes the lyrics "Gotta go fast".
  • nbspoder refers to the Spodermen meme, which is a parody of the superhero Spiderman.
  • Nobody knows why nbreflect exists. It just does.