The Order of Hermes (singular: Hermetic)Edit

Local contacts:
Casey Brandon Hammersmith, Adept Major bani Thig; Jeremiah Sinclair, Adept Major bani Ex Miscellanea

Sphere: Forces (some Houses have different Specialty Spheres; you can use either Forces or the spec for your House.)
Unique Aspects: Craft names, true names

The Order of Hermes is a large, potent, and venerable organization of ritual magicians. Many divisions within the Order exist, each titled as a House of magical thought or practice.


Hermetic Names:Edit

The topic of a Hermetic mage's craft name is better handled in the Tradition Book; however, all names commonly used among other mages will take the form of:

  • Magus (or Maga, for females) Magical first and last name, Rank bani Housename (more commonly used among other magi of the Order)


  • Magus (or Maga, for females) Mundane first and last name, Rank bani Housename ordo Hermes (more commonly used among mages of other Traditions).


A truly formal Hermetic introduction will have the entire craft name. An example using Casey Brandon Hammersmith's craft name:

  • Sofiya Dmitrievna Tatiana Kuznetsov Perunova bani Thig, the Spark of Anamnesis, Stormwalker, Navigator of Seven-Leagues Swiftness, La Pomme d'Or.


Hermetic RankEdit

Note that these ranks reflect the fact that Hermetics usually do not take on already-Awakened students (at least not ones Awakened outside the Order), and a Hermetic apprenticeship generally lasts for years. The old convention was seven years as an apprentice, though in modern days, it tends to be considered more that one is an apprentice until one reaches the Initiate rank, at which point she may continue instruction, but is considered a mage in her own right, albeit an inexperienced one.

Degree Title Description



Not yet Awakened student who has just been recruited and begun his training. During this period he learns languages, the lore of the Order and Mages, the basics of Occult, and the first bits of Enochian.



At this stage a student is taught 'hedge magic' -- static sorcery -- in the hopes of progressing from goetia, formulaic and simple magical ability, to theurgia, which is a highly ritualistic and more potent static magic designed to guide the student toward Awakening. All sorcerers within the Order remain at this rank.
3rd Practicus This is the final non-Awakened degree. In this period of time the mage chooses a Word to represent her transcendence into Magehood and determine her path therein. This degree concludes shortly after Awakening. This is when she is sworn formally into a House of the Order of Hermes and takes the Oath.
4th Initiate This rank is granted to a Mage once she learns her first level of Forces, and if applicable, the first dot in her House's specialty sphere as well. She is now allowed to publish her magical works among the Order, and hold a sanctum, a node, or other magical holdings freely if she acquires them.
5th Initiate Exemptus This rank is gained by demonstrating competence with the second rank of any of the Nine Spheres. At this point a Hermetic may begin teaching new students.
6th Adept The Order of Hermes uses this title differently from the traditions overall; what the other Traditions call an Adept is actually an Adept Major to the Order of Hermes. To be of Adept ranking within the Order, one must demonstrate capability with the third rank of any of the Spheres, and the first rank of one other.
7th Adept Major This rank is attained upon demonstrating capability at the fourth rank of one sphere, the third rank of another, and the first rank of another beyond that. This rank usually does not come before at least 10 years as an Awakened mage.
8th Magister Scholae This rank is attained upon demonstrating Mastery of one sphere, and two others at the third rank. This rank usually does not come before at least a decade, and more often several decades, as an Awakened mage.
9th Magister Mundi As this rank refers to 'Archmage' ranks of Spheres, which are not used in Dusk, it is instead conferred upon those who have attained Mastery in all nine spheres in this room. Good luck getting there.
10th Archmagus None of these remain in this world.


The Major Houses: Edit

  • Bonisagus
  • Ex Miscellanea (note that all Ex Misc applications from here on should include a Minor House of membership or a very detailed 'magical bloodline' in the background.)
  • Flambeau
  • Fortunae
  • Quaesitor
  • Shaea
  • Thig
  • Tytalus
  • Verditus

The Minor Houses:Edit

  • Many minor houses have been subsumed into House Ex Miscellanea, including Bjornaer (the ones who didn't go to the Verbena), Criamon, Mercere, Merinita, Solificati, and others.
  • Independent Minor Houses include Hong Lei, Janissary, Jerbiton, Ngoma, and Skopos.


Hermetic Nomenclature:Edit

The Order uses its own terminology for each of the Nine Spheres:

Sphere Hermetic Name
Correspondence Ars Conjunctionalis
Entropy Ars Fortunae
Forces Ars Essentiae
Life Ars Vitae
Matter Ars Materiae
Mind Ars Mentis
Prime Ars Potentiae
Spirit Ars Spirituum
Time Ars Temporis


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