The Euthanatoi (singular: Euthanatos)Edit

Local contact: Stefan Michaelsson

Sphere: Entropy
Unique Aspects: Jhor

The Euthanatoi (also called Chakravanti) are mages who deal in Entropy magics as their focus, with a paradigm dealing with death, decay, fate, and fortune. Much of their practice revolves around the concept of the Wheel, a principle of infinite rebirth. The Euthanatoi do not believe that death is the end, only that it is the end of one cycle and the potential beginning of another.

Their name arises from their practice of returning souls to the Wheel when their current life has become too strong a source of Karmic debt. When they see a soul with that much pain and Karma to bear who has proven harmful to the world and Humanity, they will bring about what they call the Good Death, in essence, a mercy-killing -- mercy, in this case, being granted to both the target, and to Humanity as a whole.


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