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Cart Dog
Cart Dog
Health 1200
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
Attack type Melee charge
First appearance E3M1

The Cart Dog, is an enemy encountered in The Nameless City. It makes its first appearance in E3M1: The Iron Cathedral, appearing in nearly every level afterwards.


Cart Dogs appear as bodies of an unknown breed of dog/wolf. Their bodies lack any legs or tail, only showing a torso and a snarling, red-eyed head. They are suspended in a wooden cart by ropes with what appears to be their legs attached to the wheels. In Duskworld, players choosing their model will have their weapon strapped to the top of the cart.

Tactical Analysis[]

When spotting a player, Cart Dogs will growl, prompting them to charge in the player's direction. Since they lack any limbs, the Cart Dog's primary attack consist of them repeatedly charging the player, attempting to deal impact damage. A single attack is extremely high damage, capable of bringing even overhealed players down to low health. The Cart Dog also has an incredibly high health pool of 1200hp, making it a hard enemy to take down.

Like most high health enemies, Cart Dogs are weak to stronger weapons such as the Hunting Rifle, Riveter, and Mortar. However, their added health requires at least three or more shots from any of these weapons to bring them down. The Super Shotgun can be a viable weapon to use against them as well, however the weapon will take four to five shots to kill it. A good strategy to killing a Cart Dog is to sidestep their charge attacks, then strike with a weapon while they are preparing another charge. Additionally, Cart Dogs have no ranged attacks, so shooting them from a distance with an Assault Rifle or Hunting Rifle can take them down.