"In the end, we shall all end up as dust – yes, even you, my brother. But are you really foolish enough to think that will be the end of existence?" Known among Cainites for millennia as the "Clan of Death," the Cappadocians are shunned even by their brethren for their macabre interests. Cappadocius himself was an iconoclastic priest in life, and continued his search for the secrets of life, death and what lay beyond after his Becoming. His childer have continued his research, and through their efforts Cainites have learned much about the nature of their existence. Still, the secretive nature of the clan has caused as many people to fear them as respect them. In vampiric society, Cappadocians often fill the role of advisors to the leaders of a sect. They are respected for their insight and wisdom, and largely trusted due to their lack of interest in earthly power.

In the middle ages, the Cappadocians Embraced a small cabal of necromancers, in order to further their necromantic studies. These new vampires developed a Discipline of their own, Necromancy, although it was initially far from polished. It was with the hope of the Cappadocians that this shared knowledge would help break down the final barriers of Death, revealing the truths they have sought for millennia. They were repaid by their progeny, now called the Giovanni, by being almost extinguished as a Clan.

Nickname: Graverobbers

Appearance: Most Cappadocians spend their nights engaged in study of death, so it is not surprising that many of them affect the dress of scholars and monks. Long dark robes, simply cut and unadorned, are most common, though some also wear carved and painted masks, fashioned to look like skulls or death-throes.

Background: Cappadocians select neonates from scholars and the priesthood, though occasionally an executioner, tomb-robber, thief or Crusader is chosen for the Becoming. A love of learning and insatiable curiosity are the utmost importance if the neonate is to be able to carry out the clan's research.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Mortis