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Black Phillip
Black Phillip
Health 80
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
Attack type Projectile
First appearance E1M1

Black Phillips are enemies that appear in The Foothills. They make their first major appearance in E1M1: Head Cheese, though they can be found throughout the game.


Black Phillips appear to resemble possessed or mutated goats, sporting long spindly horns, an exposed ribcage and innards, and glowing red eyes. They make a groaning sound upon being alerted or spotting the player, and make galloping noises while navigating and moving around the levels. They are often found outdoors, and in secret areas, sometimes seemingly having been tied up to fence posts and the like.

Tactical Analysis[]

Black Phillips constantly move around the level, more or less in the player's direction, in zig-zag patterns. They periodically fire a fast projectile, which somewhat resembles blood, towards the player. Compared to other enemies in the game, they do not have much health (80hp), nor do they do much damage with their projectile attacks. Still, Black Phillips can overwhelm the player in greater numbers, and their swift damage along with other enemies can prove a nuisance to an uncareful or unaware player. They are some of the faster enemies in the game, especially early on.


  • The Black Phillip's name is a reference to the Robert Eggers movie The Witch, in which the family's goat is named Black Phillip.


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