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Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle
Damage Singleplayer: 45
Multiplayer: 25
Attack type Hitscan
Attack delay None
Rate of fire ~450 RPM
Ammunition Assault rifle bullets
Round capacity 200
Note First shot has
perfect accuracy


The Assault Rifle is a powerful fully-automatic firearm, and is one of the most versatile weapons in-game.

With a decent rate of fire and high damage per shot, it is excellent at mowing down hordes of lesser enemies. These traits also make it effective against stronger foes and even bosses, but to a lesser degree than weapons such as the Hunting Rifle or Riveter.

The first bullet fired from the Assault Rifle will always be perfectly accurate, allowing it to efficiently snipe at long range.

Ammo pickups are reasonably common as well, making the Assault Rifle an admirable primary weapon.


Assault rifle.png


The Assault Rifle appears to resemble the M60 general purpose machine gun.

Although the Assault Rifle has a front post in game, the lack of a back sight would make it useless on a real firearm.

As mentioned in an interview with David Szymanski, in early testing versions, the Assault Rifle had a randomized rate of fire. This was made to make the weapon feel rusted and worn out, however this feature was removed and the rate of fire was set to a fixed number due to many of the players and testers regarding it as a bug or issue derived from framerate. The removal of this feature was quite saddening for David.