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Achievements are a fun way to challenge yourself in the game. Note that these are diffirent from the secrets ingame.

Icon Name Description Unlock
The Foothills Complete episode 1
The Facilities Complete episode 2
The Nameless City Complete episode 3
Only the Beginning Complete all three episodes
Pacifist Earn the 'Pacifist' Award Don't kill any enemies in any level
Completionist Earn the 'Completionist' award Complete the level with all secrets and kills
Untouchable Earn the 'Untouchable' award Don't get hit in any level
Low Tech Earn the 'Low Tech' award Only use the sickles, sword or crossbow in any


Gotta Go Fast Beat par time in a level
Duskwife Find Rachael's secret On E1M2 there is a secret on top of the cornwall

maze. Interact with the hatch in the ground, and this

brings you to another secret. Behind one of the

pillars is a basketball, throw it into the teleporter

along with yourself. Carry the basketball to the right

side of the house where there is a basketball hoop

and put the basketball into it. This results in a secret

hatch opening revealing most Weapons and Powerups

Duskbaby Find Lavender's secret Play through E3M8 normally until the staircase that

goes down toward a miniature version of one of the levels.

Inside the scaled-down barn there is a soap. Grab it. On

one of the walls is a see-through fence with a Hallowed-

Health Powerup. On the far end of that wall there is a

secret wall that can be opened. Inside the secret room is a

brick wall. Toss the soap at the wall to get inside the Duskbaby


5 Survived Get past wave 5 in Endless Mode
10 Survived Get past wave 10 in Endless Mode
20 Survived Get past wave 20 in Endless Mode
Frag your Friends Open Duskworld
Thanks! Watch credits to the end
Not Even Remotely Fair Beat a level on 'Duskmare'
It Lives Find Dopefish On E1M4 there a wall which says 'THE PORTALS WORK.

HE IS PLEASED'. On that same wall is a secret which gives

ammo and some health. In that room there is another secret

which takes you to another room, and in that room there is

another secret, this one takes you to pipe room. Climb the

ladder and interact with the picture of Dopefish. It Lives!

Mother! Find 'Wife of Intoxigator' Play through E2M9 as you normally would until near the end.

When you get to the big room with 3 Wendigos step on the

teleporter at the end. Then turn around and interact with the

art of the wife of Intoxigator

Go Away Find a "You aren't supposed to be here go away" sign Near the start of E1M9 there is a Fork Maiden on the top of a

building. Climb up the ladder and then jump across to a brick

wall with an invisible wall. Hug the wall and go the end and

crouch through a small hole which takes you out of bounds.

Wander around until you find the bright purple "Go away" sign

and interact with it

Swamped Reach E1MS On E1M2 there is a shed with the red key and 3 Leathernecks.

Behind some barrels there is a secret switch. Once you activated

it, get on top of the cornwall maze to the secret with the Riveter. A

new passage should've opened up. Walk through until you get

the prompt "End Level" and you are at E1MS

Hardcore Parkour.jpg
Hardcore Parkour Reach E2MS Play through E2M4 until the very end. Just before the level ends

there is a crack in the wall. Blow it up with an explosive gun and

and fight the enemies. At the other end of the arena is a switch.

Hit it and walk through the teleporter. Now a small air vent should

be open, walk through until you reach a drop. At the bottom there

is another crack in the floor. Blow it up and walk through the tunnel

to reach E2MS

So I Hear You Like... Reach E3MS Play through E3M4 until the staircase to the next level. Near it is a

small tunnel that leads you to the start of the level. Hidden behind

a tombstone is a small switch obscured by a barrel. Turn right and

walk through the secret, until you reach a bathroom which says

"WASH YOUR SINS AWAY". Stand on the toilet bowl and flush it.

UNWORTHY Use cheats List of Cheats
Intoxigated Kill Intoxigator while intoxicated
Spin 2 Win.jpg
Spin 2 Win Kill an enemy by spinning your weapons
Telefragged Telefrag the Guardian
Somebody's Poisoned the Waterhole!.jpg
Somebody's Poisoned the Waterhole! Neutralize Chomper Play through E3M3 until you get the red key. Enter the castle

and hit the two buttons to open the well and the home. Inside

the home is Crystal of Madness. Carry it down the well to the

chomper boss and throw it at him and watch him explode!

Don't Drop It Pick up a bar of soap in each level Soap Locations
True 100% Earn the 'Completionist' award in every level

Trivia:[edit | edit source]

  • Dopefish is a reference to ID software's Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy!
  • "Gotta Go Fast" is a reference to Sega's game series "Sonic" quote
  • "Spin 2 Win" could be a reference to slot machines